Gerecse is a heavily faulted block mountain of the Transdanubian Range, made up of karstified rocks of limestone and dolomite. It is the westernmost triangular region of the Dunazug Mountains. Its four hilly ranges reach the Danube. Its average height is 400 metres, its area is 850 km², and its highest peak is the 634-metre-high Gerecse Peak.



The approximately 400 m deep wells from where VIVIEN natural mineral water is drawn, are located in the lower elevation, exposed Triassic dolomite embayments of the Gerecse and Vértes Mountains. The main aquifer of the region is the karstified, densely fractured Triassic dolomite. The water resource for the bottle filling unit is reached by two wells.


Bottle Manufacturing

We produce 3 different types of bottles in our factory: 0.5 liter, 1 liter and 1.5 liter bottles. These PET bottles are manufactured with stretch blow moulding: as a result of the heat from infrared lamps, pressurized air and pressure the PET is blown and stretched into a mould, assuming a bottle shape. The bottles reach the filling machine on a sterile conveyor in filtered air without human intervention.

The Bottle Filling Process

The PET bottles are filled in a highly hygienic environment that meets the strictest requirements. The mineral water is filled in the bottles without any intervention; the still water is filled by the filling machine directly from the well. The sparkling water is filled into the bottles after carbonation. We make sure that the purity and chemical and microbiological characteristics of the mineral water are preserved during the filling process.

Packaging Materials

PET. Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly abbreviated as PET is a polyester. It is a transparent, unbreakable, shatter resistant material that is remarkably lighter than glass. Thus, bottles that are manufactured from this material offer a safe, simple and environmentally friendly solution for storing and shipping beverages and liquids.

PET bottles are one of the most ideal packaging materials because they meet the extremely strict food packaging regulations, and they offer comfortable use for consumers. PET can also be environmentally friendly because it is 100%, economically recyclable.

When packaged in glass bottles, Vivien mineral water comes with an elegant design. Hotels, restaurants and catering services prefer to serve their guests this Vivien product.

Glass bottled products are manufactured in a separate conveyor but still meet the same hygienic regulations. An advantage of using glass bottles is that they can be reused without any change in their quality.


Being responsible for our environment is a highly important part of a healthy lifestyle. The only way we can ensure that our children will have access to clear water is that we do our best to avoid the pollution of the environment now. The advantage of glass bottles is that they can be reused without any change in their quality, thus they can be used as bottles again.

We kindly ask you to collect your waste and bottles so that they can become valuable recycled material for future products instead of damaging the environment.

Dear Enquirer, Dear Visitor!

Our body contains 60-65% water. As a WOMAN I know how important water is for the human body. How essential it is in our renewal and refreshment in our daily life and in extreme stress.

It is highly important to compensate for the daily water loss. A natural mineral water with low sodium content is an excellent choice during work, studies, sports, house work and entertainment.

As a MOTHER I feel responsible for my family’s and my own health and as a result I consider carefully what is on our table and what we drink. Vivien natural still and sparkling mineral water suits our needs. The carefully packed VIVIEN mineral water with balanced mineral content, is a reliable choice for our family which has a carbonated and non-carbonated version that suits everyone’s taste.

The stunning valleys of the Gerecse mountains, the most modern bottling technology and competent professionals guarantee the quality of the crystal clear Vivien mineral water to You and your family.

I wish You good health.

Ágnes Homlok-Mészáros
Managing Director

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